Volcanoes Night (La Noche de Los Volcanes) has been a Marie Curie Researchers’ Night project coordinated by La Palma Research S.L. under three consecutive EC contracts during a four year period. The project is currently at the begining of its 5-year exploitation phase, during which our aim is to maintain information services, encourage other teams to organise similar events and widely disseminate the scientific achievements of this project.

Since it’s establishment in 2012 the Volcanoes Night project has processed vast amounts of socio-economic data and conducted scientific evaluation of the collected information. You may download the reports directly from our Website. In addition we have developed tools and methods that can be used by other research teams for raising public awareness for geoscience and technology. Our aim now is promote the achievements of our project and enable other geoscientific teams organise similar events in the future. You may contact us for advice anytime on any matters that concern public awareness raising for (geo)science and technology.

Volcanoes Night represents a major milestone in the history of European Researchers’ Night as this was the first time that it was ever awarded to the Canary Islands. It was also the first time that such a project was funded with a focus on geosciences. During its four year of EC funding the project’s geographical coverage extended substantially from a single location in 2012 to a dozen locations in 2015.

The core group of partners (Consortium) consisted of La Palma Research Centre S.L. (LPRC), Instituto Tecnológico y de Energías Renovables, S.A. (ITER), Instituto Volcanológico de Canarias (INVOLCAN) and Consulta Europa Projects and Innovation S.L. (CE). For a complete list of Partners and contributors please visit the Partners page.

Project Management

Project Coordinator: Adrienn Cseko, LPRC (Overall project coordination)

Scientific Coordinator: Nemesio Perez, ITER (Scientific content and local implementation)

Administrative Coordinator: Balazs Bodo, LPRC (Financial management and intellectual property rights)

Funding Agency

EC Project Officer: Colette Renier (Technical, legal and financial monitoring on behalf the European Commission)

Access to project results

All reports produced during the 2012-2015 period are publicly accessible. We have also developed a supporting scheme that enables you to organise your own VOLCANOES’ NIGHT. Download our 1-page Information Leaflet or go directly to Your Volcanoes’ Night for more details. Make sure you also check the Frequently Asked Questions section then get in touch with us using the Contact Form or direct e-mail.

La Noche de Los Volcanes / Volcanoes’ Night received funding from the European Union’s FP7 and H2020 research and innovation programmes under Grant Agreements 316558, 610050 and 633310.