Your Volcanoes’ Night

In order to safeguard the original non-commercial, non-partisan spirit of VOLCANOES’ NIGHT we have launched a flexible and inclusive scheme in which any organisation can participate. We would like to encourage research teams, universities, municipalities, museums and geoscientists to join the initiative and organise their own event. Our aim is to maintain the bottom-up “geoscience for everyone” nature of VOLCANOES’ NIGHT and to avoid commercialisation and other types of uses that could restrict access to our work. It doesn’t matter if the event is big or small, as long as it is in line with the original objective of our project.

A 10-point guide for organising your own VOLCANOES’ NIGHT!

  1. Funding: Upon request we will provide you a Letter of Support that you can use to raise funding for your event from public or private sources. The letter will be signed by the Project Coordinator of VOLCANOES’ NIGHT I-II-III. If you provide a translation, we can issue this letter in any language.
  2. Brochures and banners: We will share with you the original design files that you can edit and adjust as needed.
  3. Methodology: You may use all our existing reports, documents and files that were produced during the VOLCANOES’ NIGHT I-II-III project period. You can organise an event that is smaller or bigger than the examples you will see in these reports.
  4. Date: In the past, VOLCANOES’ NIGHT was funded by the EC European Researchers Night programme and the events were organised during the last Friday in September. You are encouraged to organise VOLCANOES’ NIGHT in connection with the European Researchers’ Night . You may also organise VOLCANOES’ NIGHT on any other date as you wish, just please contact us in advance to clarify.
  5. Size: VOLCANOES’ NIGHT is not defined by the size of the event, but rather the methodology that you will use to engage with the public.
  6. Networking: We will link you with other groups in Europe and around the globe. This will be done in a non-partisan manner, as we consider every initiative eqally important. We will also provide you with information on who else is organising similar events in your country.
  7. Partnerships: You are welcome to team up with other groups or you can organise your event on your own.
  8. Title and image: You may adapt and/or and expand the title of VOLCANOES’ NIGHT if this is necessary for your success (for example referring to a geographical location or to other thematic areas). You will also be allowed to change/adapt the graphic design if needed.
  9. Agenda: Download the Final Recommendations and our EGU2017 poster from our website for some ideas on how to shape your programme.
  10. Use: You will be granted use of our results for non-profit purposes, specifically where the aim is to promote geosciences and to bridge the gap between the public and geoscientists.

Upon request we’ll send you the full range of brochures, flyers and posters in editable format so that you can fill in the programme and adapt to your needs:

We have already published all project reports that were produced between 2012-2015 – this can also support you with your efforts to obtain funding for your event.

Please consider that although we are sharing everything, the design and texts are protected by original copyrights, authors rights and trademarks. We ask you to first contact and confirm with us before you use any of the materials that you find on this website.

We recommend that you organise VOLCANOES’ NIGHT in connection with the European Researchers Night, but in principle you can organise the event anytime and anywhere you want. You can also connect this event to another similar initiative such as the European Night of the Museums’ and science fairs. Contact us and we’ll find a way to arrange this.