Note: this page is updated continously.

Who is the authorised representative of the VOLCANOES’ NIGHT initiative?

The authorised representative of an EC-funded project is the Project Coordinator. The Project Coordinator of VOLCANOES’ NIGHT I-II-III has been Adrienn Cseko, you can contact her directly: director_at_lapalmacentre.eu or via the VOLCANOES’ NIGHT Project Office Contact Form.

Who is maintaining your website?

The website is maintained by La Palma Research Centre SL, the institution that created and has been coordinating VOLCANOES’ NIGHT I-II-III since 2012. We are maintaining the website as a part of our legal obligation towards the European Commission until at least 2020.

What is the legal basis for using the results from the Volcanoes’ Night project series?

You will be granted permission to use our results under the provisions of and in accordance with Part C, Section 1, Article II.26 of the General Annex of FP7 Grant Agreement No. 316558 VOLCANOES’ NIGHT. You can find the General Annex of the FP7 Grant Agreement here.

Is VOLCANOES’ NIGHT also a trademark?

Yes. It is a registered trademark of La Palma Research Centre SL.

What will be the level of your involvement in our VOLCANOES’ NIGHT?

We can be involved directly or indirectly in your event – or not involved at all. You are allowed to create your own local, national orinternational identity, as long as you acknowledge the work of the original creators and the partner institutions whose efforts have made this project a success.